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Purdue Web Mail was developed to provide users access their Purdue University Mailhub account without requiring the configuration of email client software.

Please note:: To use this service, you will need to have the "service" field on your Purdue Electronic Directory entry set to "store". This establishes a Purdue Mailhub account for your Directory entry.

Once a Mailhub account is established, it may be accessed by the Purdue Web Mail client or by any user provided full featured email client which supports the POP or IMAP protocol. Examples of such email clients include: Netscape, Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, etc. Also available and not requiring email client configuration is Pine.

The new version of Purdue Web Mail contains several additional features. Additional information may be found below:

Below, please general information about Purdue Web Mail:

  • When sending a message to multiple email addresses, separate them with a comma. (Do not use a semicolon.)

  • New features list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Purdue Web Mail client may be found at:


The web address for Purdue Web Mail is:


The web address for Secure Purdue Web Mail is:


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Utility Software Services (USS), a part of ITaP's Computing Services, is responsible for centralized "utility" services, including: E-mail services, the Purdue Electronic Directory, local and 800 dialup services, Purdue's Internet News Server, the main Purdue web server, Purdue's Public FTP server, DNS, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Active Directory, and lab/ResNet printing.

"E-mail services" indicated above include @purdue.edu e-mail addresses, SMTP routing, mail storage with POP/IMAP retrieval, Mailing Lists, Purdue Web Mail, Direct Student Services Mailing, and other centralized mail services.

Comments and questions can be directed to mailhub-admin@purdue.edu.

Page modified: 10/31/02