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*What is a PUID?

The Purdue University IDentification number, also known by its short name, PUID, is a nonpublic identification number assigned to each person who has a relevant relationship with Purdue University.

*To whom are PUIDs assigned?

The most common relationship that causes PUID assignment is that of staff member or student. In the future, PUIDs will also be assigned to those who have more indirect relationships with the University, for example scholars collaborating with University faculty or participants in University institute and research center activities.

*Where is the PUID used?

The PUID is designed to take the place of current identification number keys such as Social Security numbers, thus enhancing their privacy. The replacement will take place over time as the PUID becomes available in official University data systems and repositories, such as this directory.

*How permanent is the PUID?

Once a PUID has been assigned correctly, it will never change nor be reassigned to any other person.

*How is the PUID composed?

The PUID is a ten digit number made up of nine identifier digits and a tenth "check" digit. The check digit is designed to detect most common data entry errors.

PUIDs are represented in printed form as:


This representation helps distinguish PUIDs from Social Security numbers.

*Where can I find additional information?

Additional information on PUID's and I2A2 can be found at:


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