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*What is acmaint?

Acmaint (account maintenance) was created to allow the coordination of several computer account systems across campus. The primary purpose of this was to allow students to use one account and password for the different resources.

*What is acmaint's effect on the alias field on the Directory?

As individual's accounts are coordinated with their Purdue Career Account and other acmaint accounts, their Directory entry "alias" will become "locked" down. In other words, it will become unchangeable by the user or proxy.

* What is acmaint's effect on the password field on the Directory?

Any password changes done by departmental proxies to an individual's account which has been coordinated (acmaint), will now flow to all account's held by that individual that exist on acmaint machines. This includes their Purdue Career Account, PUCC accounts, ECN accounts, ACN accounts, Statistics accounts, SSInfo, and any other accounts whose machines participate in the acmaint group.

Therefore, it is critical to communicate this information to your users when you assist them with password changes. Example, if you assist an instructor with a password change, it will also change the password on his Purdue Career Account that he may need to access for the class he is instructing.

* What is acmaint's effect on the service field on the Directory?

Service field entry changes will now flow from the directory to any of the individual's accounts on acmaint machines. Using the "mailbox" command on an acmaint Unix machine will also create changes on the user's Mail*Hub entry.

Please make changes to the "service" entry setting from the Directory side, since that appears to be less confusing.

* How do I know which machines are participating in acmaint?

Currently all PUCC machines, ECN machines, ACN machines, Statistics, SSInfo, the Mail*Hub, and a few other departmental machines are participating in acmaint. The list of participating machines is constantly growing. If you are unsure whether your departmental machine participates in "acmaint", please ask your system administrator.

*How do I know if an individual's account is now part of acmaint?

To see if someone's account has been coordinated (acmaint) enter the following command at the ph prompt:

ph "name" return _purdueFlags

If the _purdueFlags returns "acmaint" - then the account has been coordinated and changes made to the password or service fields will flow to all accounts for this individual on acmaint machines accordingly.

*How is the "email" field changing?

The "email" field has been modified to accommodate a longer "" email address. The new email field has a length restriction of 255 characters and may contain hyphens.

For example, for Veronica Smyth's alias is "vsmyth". The alias "vsmyth" is no longer changeable by the user. Since the function of the email field is changing, Veronica could create another address by modifying her email field. If she were to place the following into her email field:

She would create a new email address for herself. The following addresses would all work: on alias) on qualified name) on email field)

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